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Dr. Daftary-Kapur and Dr. Zottoli are available for consultation and expert testimony on matters related to Juvenile lifer resentencing and reentry, including “second chance” laws allowing for parole opportunities for individuals serving lengthy sentences. 


Dr. Zottoli also consults and provides expert testimony in the areas of false admissions (guilty pleas & confessions) and adolescent decision making and legal competencies. She is also available for clinical referrals across a range of issues (e.g., sentencing mitigation, legal competencies, violence risk assessment). For more information on Dr. Zottoli' s clinical practice, click here. 

Dr. Daftary-Kapur is also available for consultation on matters relating to pre-trial publicity effects on juror decision making, including conducting and analyzing surveys to aid in jury selection and evaluate pretrial publicity effects in different venues and conducting jury simulations to test different presentation strategies. 

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