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Listen to the release of our report in collaboration with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office

9/9/2017 Pierre Gooding Interview with Dr. Tina Zottoli

mass incaceration

Dr. Z discusses mass incarceration - Interviewed by Pierre Gooding, 2017candidate for NYC City Council, District 9
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"Even though about 1,000 people serving life sentences in Pennsylvania never took a life. And those releases hardly ever have a negative effect on public safety: Study after study shows the lifers whose sentences were commuted or were pardoned rarely go on to commit other crimes."


"Sure enough, a survey of 93 defense attorneys found that plea bargaining practices have indeed changed during the pandemic. More than 60% of the lawyers surveyed said they thought prosecutors were offering more lenient deals than they would have before the pandemic. At the same time, more than 30% of the attorneys had a client who claimed innocence, but nevertheless accepted a plea offer because of concerns related to COVID-19."


"Study shows low recidivism rates among released Philly juvenile lifers"


Philly juvenile lifers report is linked among a curated collection on recidivism resources


"Philadelphia Juvenile Lifer Program Lowers Rearrests, Saves $9.5M"


"Resentencing of Juvenile Lifers: The Philadelphia Experience"


"Montclair State Univserity: New Study Finds 1% Recidivism Rate Among Released Philly Juvenile Lifers"

4/30/2020 Medium

"New Study Finds 1% Recidivism Rate Among Released Philly Juvenile Lifers"

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"Study shows low rate of recidivism among juvenile lifers in Philadelphia who were released"

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