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Congrats to Conor and Tristin!

Conor Hogan, third year Ph.D. student in the Clinical Psychology program (forensic emphasis) successfully defended his master's thesis, which examined grooming behaviors in child-on-child sexual abuse cases/ Conor's research interests are varied and include the effects of implicit bias on legal decision making, legal competencies and the assessment and treatment of child sex-abuse offenders and victims.

Also, Tristin Faust, a first year PhD student in same program was awarded a $1000 AP-LS Student Grant in Aid for her project entitled 'How access to evidence affects estimates of conviction probability and plea decisions in innocent mock-defendants.' Tristin's research interests are in adolescent and adult legal decision making, juvenile legal competencies, and false confessions. Tristin’s clinical interests are in forensic mental health assessment, and treatment for justice-involved individuals.

Please join us in congratulating our fellow lab members on their outstanding work!

-Kimberly Perez

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