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Dr. Daftary-Kapur receives grant from National Institute of Justice

Dr. Daftary-Kapur recently received a grant from the National Institute of Justice to examine the variations in “second look” sentencing models—for youth and emerging adults serving lengthy sentences (10 years or more)— nationwide. She will undertake this 3 year project in collaboration with the Center for Justice Innovation in New York City and the Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth. The research team will conduct an in-depth examination of the efficacy of resentencing models in five jurisdictions, with the goal of providing a blueprint for expansion of these laws to states currently considering “second look” legislation. The partner sites include the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender, the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, the Defender’s Association of Philadelphia, State Appellate Defender’s Association in Michigan, and the Second Look Project in the District of Columbia.

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