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  • Tina Zottoli

Juvenile lifers can be considered low-risk releases

In a joint press briefing with the Philadelphia District Attorney's office today, Dr. Daftary-Kapur and Dr. Zottoli presented results from their study of Philadelphia's juvenile-lifer resentencing process. As of the date of their report, only about 1% (2 of 174) of the juvenile lifers released had been reconvicted for any offense, and projected correctional cost savings over the first decade of release for these inidviduals was estimated at $9.5M.

The public release of these data are timely. They are informative for policy conversations with respect to the resentencing of individuals serving life for crimes committed when they were juveniles and as well as current discussions surrounding early release of prisoners serving long sentences as jurisdictions grapple with managing jail and prison populations in the context of COVID-19. Read the report here.

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